Saturday, April 2, 2011

...Reason #87 why I'm liking religion less and less: It gets people to burn books. Reason #88: It gets people to murder innocent people. Reason #89...

Sad story about the deaths of innocent victims of religious intolerance. Here is a recent NY Times article about more escalating violence.


  1. Did you hear about the Ivory Coast massacre on March 29? 800 dead due to "inter-communal violence". Sad indeed.


  2. I suppose it raises the question of whether intolerance against religion is bad per se or whether it is bad only if the intolerance is, itself, also religiously-motivated. Does your Reason #87 apply to a situation where an atheist advocates the destruction or elimination of religious beliefs?

  3. Anonymous,
    I hope I'm understanding you correctly. I don't think that advocating the elimination of certain beliefs is the same thing as advocating the burning of books. If you mean forced elimination of beliefs that I would say that is similar and is not a good idea. The atheism of communism tried this and it didn't work very well. It must be a personal choice.
    I do call for the "destruction" of certain beliefs because they are simply bad ideas. I don't want to prevent access at all, just decrease the frequency in which these bad ideas are held dear in the population.

    Interesting first question. I have no idea. I must say though you sound like a lawyer to me. I don't think intolerance in always bad. I think being intolerant for the wrong reasons is bad. I guess I don't think intolerance toward religion is bad if it is for the right reasons.